Cruise to the Past

Cruise to the Past

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The DreamCatchers is a gang of 8 kids from families who come from different parts of the world and live in the US. Their parents are friends since their school days, busy and all they do not fail every year to organize short trips either for a few days in a hotel, in a cruise or in a RV-road-trip to catch up with each other.

In one of their trips, the 8 friends realize they are not 8 but actually 9, with an unknown child following them around - since God knows when - being invisible and later becoming a precious friend and helper on many of their challenges or missions.

The DreamCatchers, five girls and four boys, in the DreamCatchers book series find themselves experiencing their dreams or nightmares. Over time, as they live out their most exciting desires, they face the butterfly effect, since everything in the universe is connected and finally, they learn that most of life's joy is the journey and not the destination.

All the DreamCatchers books are based on true stories of people like me and my clients who are learning to identify the real problem or question which keeps are busy at night and do something about it. We are learning to take responsibility of our life and the lives of those we care about going forward with love and respect.
2. Cruise to the past starts with the families deciding to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. All the members are following but Grandma Mary Ann. Her sweet granddaughter has noticed she never joins when they travel in the ocean and decides to do something about it; she asks The DreamCatchers for support and leaves for her grandma's past to figure out why she is so scared of the sea. 

In this book, the second book of The DreamCatchers book series, we come across a girl who wants to solve the mystery of her grandma's past more than anything in the world. She does not want anything for herself but uses the DreamCatchers' power to resolve a pain of a beloved person.

This story is based on a painful and stressful true memory of mine which made me have to go through therapy for years. I only managed to find out what had happened and reconcile with my father's memory using the magic of meditation, art, and out-of-senses mind travel.
This is how it is now a sweet memory that I share with the world. I dedicate this book to my late father and in his memory I offer a hand to everyone who wants to solve their own life's mystery.

*  If you suffer from anxiety or insomnia
*  If you feel depressed and unhappy
*  If you have health issues connected with bowel syndrome, thyroid, cholesterol, blood pressure
*  If you do not know what is your next step
*  If there is something you need to say or something you can not share because you are scared, grab this book, take a picture of the receipt and send it to me by email ( with your story. I will answer your questions and help you find your next step in life for free. I am a life coach who mostly wants to connect and help people -like Keanu.

*  Art and self-expression following a caring life coach who leads an extrasensory experience will make you feel creative, strong, alive.

  My DreamCatchers formula will help you stand up and take your life to your hands because this is only fair; it is yours and you deserve to smile again.