Relaunch Your Life: Break the Cycle of Self-Defeat and Reclaim Your Personal Power

Relaunch Your Life: Break the Cycle of Self-Defeat and Reclaim Your Personal Power

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Low self-esteem damaging your confidence? Want to eliminate the power of negative emotions? Do you feel shy, awkward, and disconnected from people?

If so, you could learn the skills and strategies to put an end to self-defeating behaviour starting today.

Relaunch Your Life takes you by the hand and guides you through the four mindsets that are failing you. You will learn to overcome fear and uncertainty, remove your issues with low self-esteem, and and put an end to the negative emotions stopping you from living the life you really want.

Build your self-worth and become good enough for anybody

  • Overcome feelings of defectiveness
  • Handle the fear of rejection and inferiority beliefs
  • Break the cycle of self defeat that is keeping you trapped
  • Learn to trust yourself and others
  • Reinvent your lifestyle and change the way you are living
  • Confront your fears of vulnerability

Relaunch Your Life will help you move you from a place of perfection toward imperfection, and convert negative emotions holding you back to positive emotions that are focused on self-love and the ability to accept who you are as a person of true value.

In this book I’ll share with you my best strategies that have helped me to:

  • Become more confident with the eye contact and positive body control
  • Stop comparisons that destroy self-esteem
  • Build an amazing self-image
  • Interact directly with people without feeling overwhelmed
  • Achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment in my personal relationships
  • Stop demanding perfection from myself and others
  • Build greater trust in both myself and relationships with friends and family

Download: Relaunch Your Life: Break the Cycle of Self-Defeat, Destroy Negative Emotions and Reclaim Your Personal Power

Our negative patterns, thoughts, and behaviors keep us trapped, miserable, and frustrated. The steps in this book encourage you to take action, recognize your negative patterns, and then apply strategies for personal recovery.

By reading Relaunch Your Life you’ll also be able to:

  • Get over abandonment issues

  • Stop being invisible and let the world see you for all you are.

  • Reinvent how you feel about your self-image

  • Build the self image you want

  • Interact with people without feeling overwhelmed

You can eliminate your connection to negative behaviour and learn to live a more fulfilling, happier, and freedom-rich lifestyle. Are you ready to Relaunch Your Life and be everything you’ve ever wanted?

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