2020 Elementary School Drawing Competition

The 2020 OceanPublications Drawing competition welcomes elementary students to submit drawings/paintings (of at least 10 x10 canvas size) following the topic:

"Visit Greece"

Imagine you are persuading a friend/relative to visit Greece this summer. What would you tell them? Express this through your painting.

This competition will have 4 winners, whose paintings will be published as a book cover and featured within a book of exceptional student writing in Greek and English, published by OceanPublications this summer.


Key Dates & Deadlines:

Submissions due: Friday, June 21st, 2020 at 12pm EST

Winners announced: July 30th, 2020



Any student in elementary school and at least 6 years old is eligible to participate.


Entries should be emailed to oceanpublications@gmail.com, along with the student's name, age, name of school, and the email of a parent/guardian. Each entry is also subject to a $5 application fee, payable through venmo @Ocean-Publications.