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Hello and welcome to my website. I’m M.G. Pappas, the author of the DreamCatchers book series and the founder of the DreamCatchers – Family Club by Pappas for (extra)ordinary people. On this site, you’ll find information about all the books, products of M.G. Pappas as well as courses offered to (extra)ordinary people who do not surrender after marriage. We support loving lasting relationships and educate kids and parents to be healthy, happy and successful. Love and Prosperity, Maggie

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How to identify the things you really want from life and then find the easiest way to achieve them. Stop waiting for life to happen and get what your life has for you. 1) Close your eyes and relax … focus on what makes you excited; get a closer look, what is it. 2) Boost your feelings when you think about it. 3) Take a deep breath and release all mental obstacles you think are in your way. 4) Feel gratitude and thankful for what you have. 5)Take a moment to walk, touch, smell, feel what you have and you are thankful for. 6) Keep a sense of lightness. 7) Open your eyes and go take action towards what you want. Live a life in a total alignment with your higher purpose. ASK – BELIEVE – RECEIVE


Develop Confidence for Fun and Profit! Apply this formula to achieve your dreams faster. This is actually a formula you can apply to any aspect of your life in order to achieve the things you want and to be a success.


Hi, my name is Maggie Pappas (M.G. PAPPAS), and besides being a published author, a language immersion specialist with 30+ years of experience in working with kids, teenagers and adults as a volunteer, teacher, coach, and inspirational speaker, I also come from Greece. I list being a Greek as one of my biggest achievements, although I contributed nothing to being born there. I did, however, contribute on how I lived my life as a dreamer and world traveler who was born in the country with the best sky and beaches in the world. Greeks are undoubtedly some of the warmest people on Earth, and their whole culture is built on socializing. When I was young, I remember my father taking me every weekend with him as he met his friends in the Park for a walk and a chat on hot topics such as politics, environment, social and philosophical issues. They talked loudly, they spoke with passion (sometimes too much passion), but in the end, there was always a feeling of togetherness, even after the most intense talks. I grew up surrounded by the sense of community, something as vital to Greeks as water. I followed this part of my heritage all my life, carefully and knowingly watering the roots of my blood-gift. As an adult, I build communities, I build strong ties, I coach for understanding, I bring people together to open up and transfer their families and their lifes. I choose to be an educator in all the aspects of my life, be it as a speaker, an author, a coach. I love to assist you to achieve what you dream for health and prosperity and connect kindred spirits with each other. FREE CONSULT CALLS: As a part of my mission to help 200 families in 2020 I will be continuing to offer a 30-minute free consult calls to my subscribers. These are not high pressure sales call. You will simply tell me what is the most urgent concern you face in your family and I will offer my best advice for your next steps. If you want to sign-up with me after that , excellent. If not you will be a member of my DreamCatchers family club and implement some free advice in your personal life and family path. Book a FREE call HERE. Don’t waste any more time feeling alone and stuck. Let me share with you the feeling of togetherness and connection so you can start living the life you always wanted!” I would love for you to be one of my 200 families I help in 2020 so grab your spot in my caledly as soon as possible. ASK – BELIEVE – RECEIVE



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