Description of a PTO BookStore


This is a subcategory of Ocean Publications.

Its mission is to make PTO campaigns process easy and more efficient.

The way to do it is to create PTO BookStores inside Charter Schools. Our expertise is to create boutiques with daily use products such as student uniforms, back bags, pencil pouch, ponchos, watches, USB sticks, water bottles, etc. with the school's logo and/or masqot.


We can help in two different ways.

1) We create electronic School bookstores in order to help each Charter School sell for fundraising purposes books, school supplies, and gift shop ideas online, and


2) We help the PTO department of a Charter School to organize campaigns selling special price products in events such as Holloween, Winter Holidays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Sale of School Supplies, Back to school events.


The purpose of those campaigns is to support the school fulfill its mission.

PTO BookStores will bring gift ideas and resources to kick off a great school year.


Some of the advantages will be:

 - Parents will shop easy and comfortable.

 - Students don't need to carry cash or checks to the school participating in different campaigns.

 - Parents will get alerts/reminders for deadlines.

 - Teachers will have less paperwork and do not waste important teaching time.

 - PTO members will offer their volunteer hours effectively and easily.

 - PTO will provide quality care and affordable products to the school families

 - WIN - WIN for everyone.

 - Board of the school will be sure that the whole procedure is efficient.