21 Best Brain-food Berry Recipes - Discover Superfoods #3

21 Best Brain-food Berry Recipes - Discover Superfoods #3

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Help your brain cells ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by giving your body and brain the nutritional support they need to wage a successful battle. Developing Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia is a very real concern for older adults.

The potential loss of dignity, identity, and independence is a frightening thought for most of us as we advance in age. Eating right and boosting your immune system can really make a difference as to:

• How your brain functions

• How you digest and absorb vital nutrients

• How your cells replenish themselves

• Whether you are able to resist debilitating diseases and chronic conditions as you age Not to mention all the other wonderful general health benefits that berries provide.

See Health Benefits of Berries >> pg.48 That’s why I created the 21 powerful berry ‘brain-food’ recipes in this book.

These delicious superfood berry recipes are high in antioxidants and have the proper balance of super nutrition that our ageing bodies need to ward off premature loss of brain function and degeneration of the bodily organ functions that are vital to maintaining our general health and mental acuity.

While nothing can stop you from one day having to bow to the rigors of aging, why not help your body hold on to your mental powers and cognitive abilities, and enjoy robust health for as long as possible? That’s my plan any way. Your Berry Good Health, Donna Davidson January, 2017.