A Chase Through Time

A Chase Through Time

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The DreamCatchers is a gang of 8 kids from families who come from different parts of the world and live in the US. Their parents are friends since their school days, busy and all they do not fail every year to organize short trips either for a few days in a hotel, in a cruise or in a RV-road-trip to catch up with each other.

In one of their trips, the 8 friends realize they are not 8 but actually 9, with an unknown child following them around - since God knows when - being invisible and later becoming a precious friend and helper on many of their challenges or missions.

The DreamCatchers, five girls and four boys, in the DreamCatchers book series find themselves experiencing their dreams or nightmares. Over time, as they live out their most exciting desires, they face the butterfly effect, since everything in the universe is connected and finally, they learn that most of life's joy is the journey and not the destination.

All the DreamCatchers books are based on true stories of people like me and my clients who are learning to identify the real problem or question which keeps are busy at night and do something about it. We are learning to take responsibility of our life and the lives of those we care about going forward with love and respect.

3. A chase through time is based on a true story of one of my clients who once was a beautiful and ambitious young lady. She wanted to succeed and own many things all that her mom never had and all that her friends were bragging about.

Sydney (I changed her real name for my book) follows anyone who she thinks may help her succeed. She is a quick learner but prefers to jump steps on the way instead of getting the experience or understanding the process of learning.

When she came to me she thought the world was against her because she was never able to complete, or own something she liked. She hadn't ever had a serious love relationship, she had a job she hated, and a house she had inherited but did not appreciate. She was depressed and had no interest in life.

Balance in life is her lesson and paying your respect to a friend or enemy who is still a life helper/teacher on your way is a strong component on her path to a happy life.

*  The DreamCatchers offered her love and a way out but did she make her choice?
*  Where do your choices take you?
*  Do we need to talk to our kids or grand-kids about choices and free will?
*  Do they need to always stay alert with clear mind from substances and have all the options before       they decide?
*  Are you the director and the protagonist in your life's movie?
*  Are you responsible for your life?
*  Is there a way out?
Is there anything you can do about it now or is it too late ?
*  What is the best formula for someones' life?
*  Do parents have the responsibility to lead their kids to a successful and happy life?

My DreamCatchers' formula is a combination of art and meditation, breathing activities and extrasensory travels, healthy habits and food detoxification plans for leading you to find your way out of pain, out of feeling helpless and out of being stuck .

*  I am offering a hand to a mom who wants answers to understand her teenage son or daughter
*  I am offering a way for a more meaningful life to you who has something to say to the world and perhaps have a book in you to share an important message with the world.
*  I am offering creativity to you who is stuck in a job you hate.
*  I am offering a chance for a smile on your face.
*  I am offering you who has given up everything to your family, a new beginning, which can basically give you your life back.