Becoming The Alpha: Control Internal Energy & Master External Game To Lead A Dominant Life

Becoming The Alpha: Control Internal Energy & Master External Game To Lead A Dominant Life

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have the ability to have whatever they want, whenever they want; the ability to do the things they wish, whenever they wish? Did you ever think to yourself that if someone else could have the unimaginable success and freedom for themselves, then why couldn't you have it for yourself?

The good news is, you can have everything you've dreamed of having; you can do everything you've dreamed of doing; you can be everything you've dreamed of becoming. The bad news, not everyone believes this, let alone believes in themselves.

This practical and action-oriented experience by Nicholas Dodge is going to take you on a journey through personal development. In Nicholas' groundbreaking book "Becoming The Alpha", he will help you distinctly:

• Discover the five main characteristics of all wildly successful individuals

• Overcome any conscious or subconscious energies keeping you from being free

• Open your mind to the endless opportunity that undoubtedly sits in front of you • Control internal energy by establishing a mindset of abundance and positivity

• Master external game from how successful individuals walk to how they perform

• Live a triumphant life filled with dominance, fruitfulness and everlasting honor Because, you see, most people that find themselves...

• Battling with self-confidence

• Forming negative habits

• Lacking determination

• Failing in various areas of life …often tend to remain that way, unless they take the necessary action they’ve been reluctant to take.

From the author of a best-selling self-help book “Mindset Mastery”, Nicholas has asserted himself as a beginner, yet top influencer in his field by busting myths that people have to settle for a life less than that of their desires.

Follow the advice presented in this book and you too can experience a triumphant life of dominance and fruitfulness – a life you previously envied and coveted. What’s stopping you from making the most out of the time you have; from being everything you’ve dreamed of becoming? What's stopping you from becoming the alpha?