Heroine: Rising to the Challenge

Heroine: Rising to the Challenge

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Tired of the negativity? Want to find joy again?


Courage is the outstanding trait of many heroines, but that's not the only thing that makes them stand out. Acts of heroism are the result of a caring heart and a tough exterior. Heroines are not only courageous, but also filled with patience and creativity.


Inside this book, you will find inspiration to accept new challenges and take steps to help others. When you tackle the daily goals and use the inspiring Bible verses to help you power up to success, you'll find SURPRISING RESULTS. Your joy will be contagious. Imagine how many people you can BRING A SMILE to before your 25 days are at an end.

Challenge yourself to be your best every day for 25 days, and you can be the heroine in your neighborhood.

While using this book, you will:
  • Gain more confidence
  • Develop more patience
  • Learn to live in the heroism and joy of serving others
  • Keep a positive attitude while overcoming challenges
  • Feel more courageous and tough
  • Spend more time doing something meaningful with family or friends

Try it out and see if your friends notice a positive transformation in you because you are confidently serving others. When you join with your friends and go through the book together, you can all be inspirational heroines.

Your community will be blessed as your actions inspire others
. Just seeing people serving people creates a motivation for more of your friends to join in.

Save the day for someone and be the heroine you've always wanted to be.

You can inspire others and benefit your whole community.

I want to help you make your community better. Are you with me?