Hotel Pennsylvania DreamCatchers Series Book 1 - ebook

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Have you ever dreamt of time travel at least once? 

What would you do when the things you could only imagine suddenly spill into real life?
And when a weekend getaway with parents turns into a fantastic time travel journey. 

But first, do you think you have what it takes to be a Dream Catcher? 
This spellbinding time travel adventure fiction is an inspiring book to read together with kids as it focuses on simple treasures like friendship, trust, and the ability to stay true to yourself. It could be tough when your family members are not supportive.  

This engaging time travellers book series for kids is a reminder for parents to let their children dream and pursue their most daring goals.   
Fun, dynamic, and full of fantastic and unbelievable events, this book mesmerizes from the very first page. It shows that dreams and intuition are vital signs, and one should never leave them unnoticed.
The book is about 8 adventurous kids, plus a newcomer, who believed in themselves and followed their dreams. It is about a family bond and making memories with the most incredible friends. 

This time travel, fantasy and science fiction book series encourages you to live in the present and cherish every moment. Follow this group of adventurous kids and share the excitement of their discoveries. Once you commence on this dream journey, you will not be able to stay away but keep longing for more.  
Book 1: Hotel Pennsylvania, is where the gang spent a weekend full of suspense until they realized a super-super power of travel in space and time. Dreamcatchers has been formed as a unique friendship which supports each other into their personal travels.

 The adventure is waiting. Get this book and put your imagination to work. Let yourself dream. Do you dare?