Life Sucks Seek God: 5 soul-healing habits to connect you with God when life seems out of control

Life Sucks Seek God: 5 soul-healing habits to connect you with God when life seems out of control

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Ken Hagler’s "Life Sucks Seek God" offers a means of recovering intimacy with God in the middle of lives that are often difficult. His hard-won and straightforward guidance resists easy answers to life’s hard places and invites the reader into a conversation with God that might seem impossible in the face of tragic loss and separation.

If you are struggling to believe that God can still hear you, this book is a hopeful reminder that God can still hear your prayers. – Frederick W. Schmidt Rueben P. Job Chair in Spiritual Formation at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and author of The Dave Test: A Raw Look at Real Faith in Hard Times Sometimes life just sucks. Period. This is a book about honestly facing pain and suffering. No facade. No masks.

This is also a book about God and faith. It is about wrestling with the reality of the struggle to hold onto our faith in God when it seems like everything is coming apart. Ken writes about his own journey through “the valley of suck” as caregiver for his wife, Heather, and now a single parent for their children.

It is a personal account of wrestling with faith in God and the five soul healing practices which sustained Ken’s faith during and after the death of his wife. While his words speak directly to the struggle of being a caregiver and losing a spouse, Ken addresses the issues many people face when life just seems to suck worse than they imagined. No matter how bad it gets, there is hope and a way forward.

"Life Sucks Seek God" is broken into two parts. The first chapters deal with the realities of life and a few of the common ways of understanding just who God is based on God’s revelations to us. The second part of the book deals with the five soul-healing habits or “faith-hacks.” Ken breaks down the five practices of faith used to sustain the soul during one of the most difficult times of anyone’s life.

These five habits are: 1. Five Minutes With God Each Day 2. If You Really Want To Keep Your Faith: Use a Cheat Sheet 3. Know Yourself By Keeping a Journal 4. Don’t Just Read The Bible More - Read The Right Parts 5. Talk With God and Keep It Simple If you are a caregiver, in grief, suffering a job loss, facing a broken relationship, or just generally wrestling with issues becoming too much to bear, then "Life Sucks Seek God" is the best book to help you shore up your faith in difficult times or to lay a foundation for faith and hope.