Publishing Starter Pack

Publishing Starter Pack

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The Publishing Starter Pack includes the following services:

1) Copy Editing

Worried about the small details? Afraid that you might have missed something after countless revisions? With our Comprehensive Text Editing, you won't have to stress about missing something ever again!
The manuscript, in Microsoft Word format, is reviewed by the Contents Editing team, to provide assistance with regards to:


**Price listed applies to works with <5000 words. Every additional word after 5k will be charged $0.016/word**

2) Paperback formatting

With our professional formatting service, we will make sure your book content is ready for printed publication, so you can share your book with the rest of the world!

**book files received as a black & white PDF**


3) Book Cover Design

We provide book cover design for both ebook and paperback formats. We include 3 sample covers and up to 3 revisions, so you can get the perfect cover for your book!


4) Paperback Amazon Distribution

Want to make sure your books can reach everyone? Want to distribute your books through the world's largest platform, Amazon?

With our paperback distribution feature, we will create an account for you and publish your paperback book making it available for sale on Amazon and other distribution channels.

We will also optimize the title and description of your book choosing the most suitable keywords that will boost your book on Amazon sales.