Remodel: Without Going Bonkers or Broke

Remodel: Without Going Bonkers or Broke

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American homeowners know virtually nothing about how to properly remodel despite spending over $300 billion per year doing it! Well, that changes today! 

With his groundbreaking new book, lifelong industry expert Jim Molinelli helps every homeowner master the remodeling process. 

Molinelli, a licensed residential architect, and 24-year veteran remodeler shares his proven step by step method that helps families eliminate the three critical mistakes that bring 'horror-story' results! 

        You will ALSO learn: 

  • The truth about prevalent remodeling myths 
  • How to properly prepare for your remodeling project 
  • About the different types of design professionals 
  • About the different types of remodeling professionals 
  • Which type of remodeler you should interview 
  • How to interview remodelers for your project 
  • How to interview your remodeler's references 
  • How to select the 'perfect' remodeler for your project 
  • Cost-saving strategies unknown to homeowners 
  • How and when to negotiate with a remodeler 

If you plan to remodel, you NEED this book. 

It will help you save your time, your money and your sanity!